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Despite ranking in the top 30 largest countries with its 1 million square kilometers of land, Egypt is a country that is notorious for its geographic ‘distribution.’ 99% of Egypt’s population utilizes only 5% of the total land area but nearly 100% of its aquatic resources as a result of the predominantly barren ecosystem.

The cap the captivating Alexandria will fascinate you with its mix of history and modernity.

Here you will find countless interconnected islands, beautiful turquoise lagoons, state of the art golf courses, luxurious beach-front resorts and an endless range of water activities. El-Gouna is an environmentally friendly destination complete with world class accommodations for all family

Spanning over 40 km of pristine coastline, Hurghada City has year-round sunshine, incredibly beautiful coral reefs and dozens of exciting attractions in a laid back, relaxed atmosphere. Even though it's known as a top-three diving destination on the planet, it still has something for everyone,

Located about 899 km south from Cairo, Aswan is a serene Nile Valley destination where the Nile is more majestic than anywhere else, flowing through granite rocks, and round emerald islands covered in palm groves and tropical plants. It is considered as an all-time favourite winter destination.

With sunshine and warm waters all year round, Sharm El Sheikh is the closest destination to Europe where you can soak up sun, dive amazing corals reefs, and enjoy the sea any time you need a break from routine. The climate is lovely and dry all year long with temperatures ranging between 20° and 25° C in the winter months,

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Egypt is divided into 26 governorates do my college homework consisting of towns, cities and villages. Currently, the major cities of Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Port Said. Egyptians have always had deep-rooted ties to their places of origin .

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